Mgr. Lukáš Horák, Ph.D.

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Lukáš Horák

Curriculum vitae



  • 2014 – present     Academic and research scientist at Department of Condensed Matter Physics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague)

Experience in scientific field

  • High resolution x-ray diffraction measurements of epitaxial layers
  • Simulation and fitting diffraction data using dynamical theory of diffraction
  • Structural characterization and refinement of semiconductor and perovskite materials
  • Implementation of Reciprocal Space Map simulation/fitting into MATLAB
  • Leading and participation in synchrotron experiments (ESRF, Diamond, Soleil, APS)
  • Post experimental large-data serial processing for laboratory and synchrotron instruments
  • Powder diffraction, x-ray reflectometry (mesurement and interpretation)
  • Simulation of lattice distortions using finite element method

Short-term experimental foreign stays

  • 09 – 12 2007 & 04 – 05 2009: short experimental stays at the University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Participated in about 22 synchrotron experiments at ESRF (FR), Soleil (FR), Diamond (UK), and APS (US)

Scientific output

Co-author of 47 publications (according to WoS: 336 citations, h-index 10), 6 oral presentations at international conferences.

10 representative publications

  1. Zhang, C. Xing, K. Noordhoek, Z. Liu,T. Zhao, L. Horák, Q. Huang, L. Hao, J. Yang, S. Pandey, E. Dagotto, Z. Jiang, J.-W. Chu, Y. Xin, E.S. Choi, H. Zhou, and J. Liu, “Anomalous magnetoresistance by breaking ice rule in Bi2Ir2O7/Dy2Ti2O7 heterostructure,” Nature Communications 14, 1404 (2023)
  2. K. Ridzoňová, R. Grill, A. P. Amalathas, B. Dzurňák, N. Neykova, L. Horák, P. Fiala, X. Y. Chin, C. M. Wolff, Q. Jeangros, and J. Holovský, “Correlating light-induced deep defects and phase segregation in mixed-halide perovskites,” J. Mater. Chem. A 10, 18928–18938 (2022)
  3. J. Yang, H. Suwa, D. Meyers, H. Zhang, L. Horak, Z. Wang, G. Fabbris, Y. Choi, J. Karapetrova, J.-W. Kim, D. Haskel, P. J. Ryan, M. P. M. Dean, L. Hao, and J. Liu, “Quasi-Two-Dimensional Anomalous Hall Mott Insulator of Topologically Engineered Jeff=1/2 Electrons,” Phys. Rev. X 12, 031015 (2022)
  4. D. Gong, J. Yang, L. Hao, L. Horak, Y. Xin, E. Karapetrova, J. Strempfer, Y. Choi, J.-W. Kim, P. J. Ryan, and J. Liu, “Reconciling Monolayer and Bilayer Jeff=1/2 Square Lattices in Hybrid Oxide SuperlatticePhys. Rev. Lett. 129, 187201 (2022)
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  6. L. Hao, D. Meyers, H. Suwa, J. Yang, C. Frederick, T. R. Dasa, G. Fabbris, L. Horak, D. Kriegner, Y. Choi, J.-W. Kim, D. Haskel, P. J. Ryan, H. Xu, C. D. Batista, M. P. M. Dean, and J. Liu, “Giant magnetic response of a two-dimensional antiferromagnet,” Nat. Phys. 14, 806–810 (2018) (>30 citations, IF2018 = 20.1)
  7. V. L. P. Guerra, P. Kovaříček, V. Valeš, K. Drogowska, T. Verhagen, J. Vejpravova, L. Horák, A. Listorti, S. Colella, M. Kalbáč, „Selective self-assembly and light emission tuning of layered hybrid perovskites on patterned graphene“. Nanoscale 10(7), 3198–3211. (2018) (IF2018 = 6.97)
  8. L. Hao, D. Meyers, C. Frederick, G. Fabbris, J. Yang, N. Traynor, L. Horak, D. Kriegner, Y. Choi, J. W. Kim, D. Haskel, P. J. Ryan, M. P. Dean, and J. Liu, “Two-dimensional Jeff = 1/2 antiferromagnetic insulator unraveled from interlayer exchange coupling in artificial perovskite iridate superlattices,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 027204 (2017) (>40 citations, IF2017 = 8.8)
  9. L. Horák, D. Kriegner, J. Liu, C. Frontera, X. Marti, and V. Holý, “Structure of epitaxial SrIrO 3 perovskite studied by interference between X-ray waves diffracted by the substrate and the thin film,” J. Appl. Crystallogr. 50, 385–398 (2017), arXiv:1305.1732 (10 citations, IF2017 = 3.4)
  10. J. Liu, D. Kriegner, L. Horak, D. Puggioni, C. Rayan Serrao, R. Chen, D. Yi, C. Frontera, V. Holy, A. Vishwanath, J. M. Rondinelli, X. Marti, and R. Ramesh, “Strain-induced nonsymmorphic symmetry breaking and removal of Dirac semimetallic nodal line in an orthoperovskite iridate,” Phys. Rev. B 93, 085118 (2016) (>60 citations, IF2016 = 3.8 )