• 29. 05. 2024

    The group of Structure Analysis is a core of the organizing committee of the ECRS-11 conference that is organized from June 3 to June 7, 2024 in the Prague Congress Centre. We organize the conference together with colleagues from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech technical University and from the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Rez. The conference program chair is prof. Jozef Keckes from Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria.

  • 13. 05. 2024

    We would like to thank our students Kateřina Tetalová, Filip Hájek, and Lukáš Frk for representing our faculty at the 14th Czech and Slovak Student Scientific Conference held on May 2nd and 3rd at UPJŠ in Košice. Congratulations to Filip and Lukáš on securing first and second place, respectively, in their categories in the competition for the best scientific papers at the conference!

  • 06. 05. 2024

    Since 2020, a new branch of magnetic materials, altermagnets, has been theoretically identified, in addition to the conventional ferromagnets and antiferromagnets. The exclusively distinct spin-symmetry characteristics of altermagnets are the opposite-spin sublattices connected by a real-space rotation, but not connected by a translation or inversion. Such symmetry has unconventional physical consequences.

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About our department

We are a physics department dedicated to the study of condensed matter, i.e. the physics of solids and liquids. We are a research department with a strong focus on theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics. Our department also houses the scientific infrastructure of MGML, which is a state-of-the-art facility for research in condensed matter physics.

What do we do?

We work on the latest problems in condensed matter physics. We have 4 groups: Group of Magnetic Properties studies the physical properties of a wide range of materials, from high-temperature superconductors to rare earth metal alloys and actinides. Group of Structure Analysis focuses on the study structure and microstructure of advanced materials using X-ray diffraction. Group of Theoretical Physics models a wide range of physical phenomena in condensed matter, in particular using quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence. Physics of Nanostructures Group concentrates on comprehensive research of nanostructures with a focus on their use in optoelectronic, biomedical and environmental technologies.

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