Scientific research in our department is focused on investigation of microscopic phenomena and principles in condensed matter, using both experimental and theoretical approaches.

We focus on the following topics:

Experimental methods

  • Preparation technology for singlecrystals, polycrystals and thin films of the investigated materials (intermetallics, oxide materials, hydrides, ...)
  • Preparation of low-dimensional materials and hybrid nanostructures
  • State-of-the-art instruments (X-ray diffractometers) for studying the morphology, structure and real structure of materials in both low and high temperatures
  • A wide range of methods for determination of the physical, electronic, and magnetic properties
  • Application of strong magnetic fields, high pressures and low temperatures
  • Optical and vibrational micro-spectroscopies over a wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields

Theoretical methods

  • Quantum theory
  • First principles calculations (density functional theory)
  • Statistical methods (Monte Carlo)
  • Green’s function methods
  • Spin dynamics simulations
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

We are solving outstanding projects:

Cooperation with institutions:

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