Semináře v letním semestru se budou konat obvykle v seminární místnosti KFKL, ve středu od 13:10


Lukáš Horák

Examples of XRR analysis: peculiarities and difficulties in characterization of 'regular' samples

X-ray reflectivity is well established and in principle quite easy method for determining the density depth-profile of thin layers. From the observed thickness fringes one can easily deduce the layer thickness. However, sometimes the fringes are not visible and still it is possible to estimate the thickness. Sometimes the assumed model is so simple that never fits the collected data completely but the resulted density profile is more less identical with the result obtained using much more complicated model. Several examples motivated by the fight with the referees will be shown and discussed during the presentation.

30. 03. 2023

Investigating the spin dynamics of Mn based intermetallics

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23. 03. 2023

X-ray fluorescence - a valuable method for determination of the chemical composition and its problems in scientific practice

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16. 03. 2023

Accurate structure refinement from 3D ED data

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