15. 01. 2023 J.K.Jochum

A week full of neutrons, crystals, lasers, and open data

A week full of neutrons, crystals, lasers, and open data

Time for a group picture! In the background: Dispersion of lead measured with the virtual PANDA.

The Czech-Bavarian mini-school for large-scale facilities and open data took place as an in-person event, with all the associated advantages (actual practicals, discussions as well as the occasional drink after a long day of doing science) and disadvantages (delayed trains).

The school started in Garching with lectures on neutron scattering techniques, experiments on our virtual PANDA instrument, and a tour of the FRM II. After delving deep into neutron scattering, students left Munich to discover the wonderous world of crystal growth and low-temperature bulk measurements at Charles University and the MGML laboratories.

Another highlight of the mini-school was the visit to the ELI beamlines, where attendees experienced the power-pulsed Petawatt lasers and visited the resonators at the heart of the facility.

On the last day, we elucidated the dark side of science and contributed to open science by analyzing openly available neutron scattering data and publishing our findings on arXiv. The whole event was possible due to the generous funding of the BTHA agency and our bavarian partner TÜ Munich.

Additional resources

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